Estimation of rice production at regional scale with a Light Use Efficiency model and MODIS time series.

2011 - Italian Journal of Remote Sensing, 43, 63-81
Boschetti, M., Stroppiana, D., Confalonieri, R., Brivio, P.A., Crema, A., Bocchi, S.


This study presents the application of a Light Use Efficiency model that exploits MODIS satellite data to assess rice yield in Italy. Field experimental data acquired in 2003 and 2004 were used to define model’s parameters (Radiation Use Efficiency and Harvest Index) and to calibrate the relation between MODIS-EVI and the fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (fAPAR). Satellite images were used to spatially estimate fAPAR and key phenological rice stages that control biomass accumulation. The maps of rice yield estimates for the year 2002, 2003 and 2004 were compared to official statistics and showed a good agreement with an inter-annual relative RMSE ranging from 15 to 17%.

Keywords: Paddy rice, yield estimation, MODIS, LUE model
DOI: 10.5721/ItJRS20114335