CropML (Crop Model Library) is a framework-independent, software component implementing a variety of approaches for crop growth and development. Like CaneML (Cane Model Library) nad TreeML (Tree Model Library), models are implemented using a fine granularity, and they are also used in composite structures which can be used as crop simulation models in applications. The architecture used for implementing modelling approaches and the fine granularity allow either using existing models or building new ones via hybridization of available approaches.

The models currently available in CropML are:
- CropSyst (Stöckle et al., 2003),
- WARM (Confalonieri et al., 2009),
- STICS (Brisson et al., 2008),
- WOFOST (original version) (van Keulen et al., 1986),
- WOFOST-GT (about 60% less parameters because of the elimination of AFGEN tables) (Stella et al., 2014),
- WOFOST-GT2 (extention of -GT: it includes an improved representation of canopy structure) (Stella et al., 2014).

The component is distributed free of charge for non-commercial purposes with a dedicated software development kit (SDK), and can be used by modellers and developers in their own applications. SDK includes documentation of code and algorithms, as well as sample projects showing how to use the component and how to link it with others for, e.g., soil water balance, diseases, abiotic damages.


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