Francesca Orlando

Francesca Orlando
The main research line of Francesca Orlando (PhD) is the use of modeling and remote sensing tools to investigate the crop responses to climate and soil conditions. In this context, she developed an integrated approach between remotely sensed vegetation indices and CERES-wheat model, in order to support, with predictive information, the farming management at the field and district scale. She had experience in the assessment of protocols for the data acquisition through optical instruments, concerning the LAI of tree species.
She was member of European COST Actions 734 and ES1106 and AgMIP Network (C3MP), research fellow at Department of Agrifood Production and Environmental Sciences - University of Florence until 2013, and affiliate scientist at Department of Geography and Geo-information Science - George Mason University.

2016 - Ecological Modelling, 329, 86-99
Development and evaluation of new modelling solutions to simulate hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) growth and development.
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2016 - Environmental Modelling & Software, 81, 165-173
Uncertainty in crop model predictions: What is the role of users?
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Estimating leaf area index in tree species using the PocketLAI smart app
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Improving in vivo plant nitrogen content estimates from digital images: trueness and precision of a new approach as compared to other methods and commercial devices
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2015 - Crop Science, 55, 1-10
Integration of remote sensing and crop modeling for the early assessment of durum wheat harvest at the field scale
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A simplified index for an early estimation of durum wheat yield in Tuscany (Central Italy)
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Sweet sorghum for bioethanol production: Crop responses to different water stress levels
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Durum wheat in-field monitoring and early yield prediction: assessment of potential use of high resolution satellite imagery in a hilly area of Tuscany, Central Italy
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Integration of meteo-climatic and remote sensing information for the analysis of durum wheat quality in Val d’Orcia (Tuscany, Italy)
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