Carlo Gilardelli

Carlo Gilardelli
Carlo Gilardelli works is the main author of an improved version of WOFOST for winter rapeseed simulation. This model, representing the rapeseed version of WOFOST-GT2, is characterized by a reduction of model complexity (less than half of the parameters of the original WOFOST version) and a finer description of canopy dynamics. Current studies are focused on the analysis (growth chamber experiment) and modelling of the processes involved with germination and emergence, and on the improvement of techniques for proximal and remote sensing data assimilation in simulation models.

2016 - Environmental Modelling & Software, 81, 165-173
Uncertainty in crop model predictions: What is the role of users?
Confalonieri, R., Orlando, F., Paleari, L., Stella, T., Gilardelli, C., Movedi, E., Pagani, V., Cappelli, G., ... , Acutis, M.

2015 - Applied Vegetation Science, in press
Estimating leaf area index in tree species using the PocketLAI smart app
Orlando, F., Movedi, E., Paleari, L., Gilardelli, C., Foi, M., Dell'Oro, M., Confalonieri, R.

2014 - Field Crops Research, 161, 128-136
Any chance to evaluate in vivo field methods using standard protocols?
Confalonieri, R., Francone, C., Chiodini, M.E., Cantaluppi, E., Caravati, L., Colombi, V., Fantini, D., Ghiglieno, I., Gilardelli, C., Guffanti, E., Inversini, M., Paleari, L., Pochettino, G.G., Bocchi, S., Bregaglio, S., Cappelli, G., Dominoni, P., Frasso, N., Stella, T., Acutis, M.

WARM 2 is the new Cassandra environment to run rice simulations